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5 months ago

Audio Canvas & Soundpad: Premium Wide-Span Acoustic Fabric System

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AWAKE® Audio Canvas is a knitted polyester textile with a specialty PU coating. Its micro-perforated design enables sound to pass through the fabric and into the sound absorption or soundproof backing. Such one-way acoustic treatment system absorbs noise in the room, eliminating echoes and helping to create more muted interiors. Audio Canvas is our premium wide-span textile for both printed or non-printed acoustic fabric ceilings and walls and together with our acoustic absorber AWAKE® Soundpad, they directly improve the quality of human experience both visually and audibly. Typical uses include Concert halls, Theaters, Auditoriums, Restaurants, Malls, Home Theaters, Office Buildings, Schools, Universities, Places of Worship, and more. NRC: 0.85 (1" fiberglass backing) Available widths: 10'2 and 16'8". Full Roll is 164' long. Minimum Order: 10 L.ft. Shipping on a roll only. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ AWAKE® Soundpad is used in combination with acoustic fabrics as a part of a sound-absorbing system. The material is a 100% non-woven polyester, non-irritating, and safe to handle. The padding comes in wide format: 8'10"" wide x 66ft long rolls allow efficient coverage of large surfaces, yielding significant savings on installation time. AWAKE Soundpad has a lightweight, flexible, soft yet strong fiber structure, making it easy and safe to handle. Replacing hazardous and cumbersome fibreglass materials, its non-toxic and non-irritant design removes the need for protective gear, ultimately reducing the time and cost of installation, as well as improving your installer’s satisfaction. Delivered on a lightweight roll, it is easily unrolled and tacked to walls or ceilings. Soundpad was designed so that it can be conveniently cut on-site to fit around complicated infrastructure and inner-wall configurations. Non-Toxic | Non-Releasing fibers into air | Odorless | No Risk of Respiratory Problems | Non-Itch | Non-Irritant Class A Fire Resistant | Cost competitive | Recyclable | Water resistant | Hydrophobic | Thin Space Saving Design Installer Friendly | Easy-Install Roll-On Design | Light Weight | Superior Strength | Flexible & Bendable | Safe to Handle Without Gear Tackable | Impact Resistant | Cut and Shape On-Site NRC: .60 (1 layer); .80 (2 layers) Thickness: .75” Width: 8'10 Length: 66' Minium Order: 10'

Audio Canvas & Soundpad: Premium Wide-Span Acoustic Fabric System


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