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Premier Canvas: Printable Wide-Span Architectural Textile Concrete Ceiling Covering
AWAKE Track: Lightweight & Durable PVC Profile System for Fabric Ceilings and Walls
Audio Canvas & Soundpad: Premium Wide-Span Acoustic Fabric System
Studio Canvas: Bilateral & Printable Wide-Span Acoustic Fabric for Ceilings & Walls
AWAKE Spotlights: recessed lighting system for concrete ceilings
Lucid Canvas and Veil: Wide-span Translucent Fabrics for Luminous Ceilings & Walls
PONGS modern classic: SILENCIO acoustic fabric
PONGS - Fabric - Walls & Ceilings - Catalog
VECTA PROFILES: the hidden art of stretch ceiling & lighting design
VECTA KEY LIGHT: Ultra-Modern Recessed Linear Lighting & Ceiling System
VECTA Expo modular lighting ceiling system
VECTA Design Aluminum Profiles Catalog
VECTA Stretch Ceiling Color Collection 2019
VECTA Reference Catalog - is a collection of architectural marvels
2 months ago

Premier Canvas: Printable Wide-Span Architectural Textile Concrete Ceiling Covering

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AWAKE® Premier Canvas is our top of the line 100% polyester architectural fabric. Manufactured using state-of-the-art non-woven technology, it is one of the most durable and aesthetically flawless wall and ceiling coverings on the market. Its airtight textile construction and special PU coating make it the perfect material for both renovations and new construction. Premier Canvas is a versatile architectural textile for new construction and renovations. It successfully removes building limitations by being a solution to many problems at the same time as a concrete ceiling covering, popcorn ceiling encapsulation, recessed lighting system for concrete ceilings, fabric wall partitions, printed wide-format mural, and fire-rated commercial ceiling & wall covering. Typical uses include Condominiums, Hotels, Office Buildings, Casinos, Commercial & Residential Real Estate. Available widths: 10'2, 14'4" and 16'8". Full Roll is 164' long. Minimum Order: 10 L.ft. Shipping on a roll or folded in a box.

Premier Canvas: Printable Wide-Span Architectural Textile Concrete Ceiling


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