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Premier Canvas: Printable Wide-Span Architectural Textile Concrete Ceiling Covering
AWAKE Track: Lightweight & Durable PVC Profile System for Fabric Ceilings and Walls
Audio Canvas & Soundpad: Premium Wide-Span Acoustic Fabric System
Studio Canvas: Bilateral & Printable Wide-Span Acoustic Fabric for Ceilings & Walls
AWAKE Spotlights: recessed lighting system for concrete ceilings
Lucid Canvas and Veil: Wide-span Translucent Fabrics for Luminous Ceilings & Walls
PONGS modern classic: SILENCIO acoustic fabric
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VECTA PROFILES: the hidden art of stretch ceiling & lighting design
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VECTA Expo modular lighting ceiling system
VECTA Design Aluminum Profiles Catalog
VECTA Stretch Ceiling Color Collection 2019
VECTA Reference Catalog - is a collection of architectural marvels
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VECTA Expo modular lighting ceiling system

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AWAKE is a New York - based custom manufacturer of fabric ceilings, lighting solutions, and art prints. We design and supply luminous and acoustic fabric ceiling installations & specialty LED lighting for commercial and residential clients in North America. AWAKE carries the entire line of VECTA Design products. Contact us for more information:

VECTA Expo modular lighting ceiling

VECTA DESIGN MODULAR SYSTEM: SPECIFICATIONS INNOVATION MADE VISIBLE INTRODUCTION Vecta Design presents VECTA EXPO modular system, made with durable aluminium frames featuring stretch light diffuser. VECTA EXPO modules are available with integrated lighting, printed images and acoustic solution according our customers wishes. The profile has unique capability of enabling the installation of stretch materials attached with the classical harpoon or the new Easy Access system. VECTA EXPO modular system can be used as illuminated or acoustic partition walls, step and repeat banner, exhibition or information stands and, by design, can be used for other applications that may be specified by clients. All our products are tailor-made and based on individual approach. SIZES GENERAL INFORMATION Size, cm 100x100 100x150 100x200 200x150 200x200 200x250 200x300 DIMENSIONS Location Indoor, dry location only Operating temperature 0-40 O C (32-104 O F) Storage temperature -40 O C-85 O C (32-185 O F) Relative humidity 90% max (non-condensing) Operating voltage 24V Diffuser material PVC film Frame material Aluminium Fire rating Standart: 4L 723 Noise reduction coefficient (NRC) Standart: 0.9 (ISO 11654 Class A)* with perforation Standart: 0.5 (ISO 11654 Class D)** * With sound absorption sheet ** Without sound absorption sheet Size, cm Order code External dimensions,cm Weight ,kg Mounting points Width Lenght 100x100 A 100 100 17 4 100x150 B 100 150 21 6 100x200 C 100 200 25 6 200x150 D 200 150 32 8 200x200 E 200 200 40 6 200x250 F 200 250 45 8 200x300 G 200 300 50 8 1

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